Setup for Linux

This guide is a part of the Rails Girls workshop main guides. Make sure you follow the numbered guides in order before continuing.

To install the Ruby on Rails development environment you just need to copy the lines below for your Linux distribution (Ubuntu or Fedora), paste it in the Terminal and press Enter. Enjoy the text flying on the screen; it will take quite some time. Grabbing a refreshing drink before starting is encouraged.

Make sure you're familiar with the tools you'll need for this guides before continuing.

1. Install dependencies

For Ubuntu

Install the curl program on your computer before continuing. This is required to run the install script in the next step.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl

2. Install Rails

For Ubuntu

Run the following command for an automated install of Ruby and Rails on your computer.

bash < <(curl -sL

3. Check the environment

Check that everything is working by running the application generator command.

rails new myapp

Navigate into the app directory:

cd myapp

Start the Rails server:

rails server

Go to http://localhost:3000 in your Browser. You should see the Rails logo appear.

If at any point during this guide you ran into a problem and can’t continue. Not a problem! Contact the workshop organizers and let them know about your problem. Most workshops have dedicated set up evenings or they can help you on the day of the workshop itself.

If you do see a Rails logo in your Browser, you now have a working Ruby on Rails programming setup. Congrats!

You’re ready for the workshop. If you are preparing before the workshop, you don’t have to continue with guides until the day of the workshop. See you then!

Help from the coach

If there’s a coach present, they can help verify the installation by using the scaffold command and inputting data with the generated page with coaches to ensure everything is working. Remove the test app myapp to make super sure no-one is working in the wrong folder, while following the steps of the workshop.

If you’re ever stuck during a guide, please ask your coach for help and also consult this handy cheatsheet for Ruby, Rails, the console, the Text Editor etc.


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