Put your app online

This guide is a part of the Rails Girls workshop main guides. Make sure you follow the numbered guides in order before continuing.

Now that you have your very first app made, let’s share it with others by putting it online!

Once you’re done with one of the following guides, you’ll have a URL that people can enter in their browser and see what you made today. During the workshop you can continue working on your app (by following these guides), and deploying new and improved versions of your app.

There are many services that can host your app. They all are slightly different. Ask your coach which service they recommend.

Help from the coach

Please help choose the best, and possibly free, service to deploy the app. Preferably a PaaS like Heroku.

If you’re ever stuck during a guide, please ask your coach for help and also consult this handy cheatsheet for Ruby, Rails, the console, the Text Editor etc.


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