Coffee List Display

Created by Tim McEwan, @tjmcewan

Using .inspect works for debugging, but we don’t want to use it in production. For one thing, it’s really hard to style the output. Let’s wrap our coffee list in proper HTML.

1. Setup

First let’s make a method that will return our coffees wrapped in HTML tags. We’ll name the method coffees_html, so that what it does is reasonably obvious. Define it like so:

def coffees_html
  # Build HTML here

And in your template method change your #{ $coffees.inspect } line to call our new method:

#{ coffees_html }

2. Add some HTML

Write something to turn the $coffees global variable into HTML that looks like this:

<div>Flat White $3.50</div>
<div>Cappuccino $2.50</div>

Hint: Remember, the $coffees variable is an array of hashes.

We’ll want to loop over the $coffees array and turn each hash into an HTML string, surrounded by <div>s, which should then be all joined together with <br>s. We’ll also need to ensure we’re returning a string.

For some solution ideas, check this out.

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